Personalized Services Available 24/7


One-on-One Training

One-on-One Training consists of semi-private training sessions (1 to 4 players) that are built around the players' skills and goals. One-on-One training programs are designed to accelerate players' skills and performance levels. Players will have a designated trainer that will provide in-person and online training support to the players.


Skill Development Mini Camps

Players develop a strong foundation of fundamentals in a safe and professional environment. The 5 mini-camps that are offered are shooting, ball handling, defensive, plyometrics, and speed & agility. Each mini-camp is conducted once per week. The objective of the mini-camps are for players to focus on each aspect of the game in order to enhance their fundamental skill levels.


Speed & Agility Training

The sport of basketball requires many changes in direction, quick movements and explosive jumping. To ensure the athlete can perform these skills properly and handle the stresses that come with the sport, speed and agility training is an important training component to include in the training regimen.


Book time with one of our expert basketball coaches, conditioning/recovery experts or personal trainers. We will evaluate your needs and create a schedule and regimen that meets you where you are and guides your performance to the next level. Whether your focus should be speed, agility, power, endurance or something else, we’ll help you get there. Our convenient facility may be accessed 24/7 to fit around your busy schedule. Just work with your trainer to reserve your dedicated time slots.



What’s the best way to become physically fit? At all depends on your unique situation. Do you need to improve muscle tone, trim fat or increase your strength, speed or endurance? We help you decide where to focus and isolate each of these areas for maximum result.


Massage, intentional movement, stretching, restfulness, nutrition and optimal sleep habits all contribute to the recovery regimen your body needs after a grueling workout. We build in needed recovery elements to ensure that you return to your daily life feeling great and in the best of spirits.


Are you defeating a good workout with a bad diet? We believe that the fuel you put into your body is as important as your skill improvement plan and workout. Food should look and taste good. Our certified nutritionist can help you put the joy back into your diet, with measurable results.


Every good athlete knowns they need to focus on their areas for improvement. Sweatline trainers can provide much needed immediate feedback to correct mistakes and identify weaknesses. Share your video and have it broken down by our expert trainers to perfect your improvement plan.


You need a structured, systematic way of assessing how well you’re doing. Our documented metrics on speed, agility, endurance and specific skill development that can be shared with coaches and / or parents – critical in any training program.


Great facility, very intimate.  For all of the athletes around the area, I recommend you come here to work out....Thank you Sweatline!

Shannon Bobbit

Former WNBA Player

I like that I can come to Sweatline Fitness pretty much, whenever…Jae has helped me with ball-handling, shooting and posting. Working with Jae has helped me improve and get ready for Varsity.

Kevin Malenius